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Filpa Packaging & Foreign Trade Co

Abdioğulları Plastic and Packaging Industry Co., which has been 7/24 displaying activity in plastic packaging industry since 1963, has been manufacturing PP and PE based products with the latest high-technology since its establishment. ABCO, who is following the developments closely and emphasis on innovation and R&D activities, is the biggest woven and knitted plastic packaging producer in Turkey with 1.200 employees and 6 plants stated 235.000 m2 area. FILPA Packaging Industry and Foreign Trade Co., which was founded by ABCO, contributes the economy of the country by exporting the products to 50 countries which are mainly European countries.

FILPA Packaging Industry and Foreign Trade Co. who is especially well known by its activities in export markets has been offering the Primary and Secondary Carpet Backings to the world carpet industry through the manufacturer company of Abdioğulları under the brand of FILBACK and DYNAMICBACK.

The latest technology machineries from Swiss and German which makes the production of FILBACK and DYNAMICBACK have possibility of a production up to 5.40m width besides of 2.12m - 3.86m - 4.12m - 4.15m - 4.16m - 4.18m - 5.12m - 5.15m - 5.18m standard widths with no construction and color limits. FILBACK and DYNAMICBACK are offering main advantages to the carpet producers as optimal roll length and diameter options, single and double fibrillation alternatives which prevents the needle deflections.

Within the coming year 2019, Filpa will have the opportunity to sell Artificial Grass Carpet Backing with fleeced item under the brand of TURFBACK, Multilayer Artificial Grass Carpet Backing item under the brand of FIXBOND and the Outdoor Yarn/Jute Replacement Yarn (JRY) item to the market.

In all the processes Abdioğulları Co. adopts in the principle of customer oriented understanding, aims for improvement and full participation of the staff without compromising its quality in domestic and foreign markets.

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Adana Haci Sabanci OSB Sabanci Avenue No 8, Saricam, Adana, 1310
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