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16-18 September 2018 Harrogate

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Carpet Fitter of the Year 2018


The Flooring Show are delighted to be welcoming the finals of the NICF's Carpet Fitter of the Year back to the show for 2018.  The Competition is now live and further details on how to enter can be found on the NICF website

The 2017 Carpet Fitter of the Year competition was won by Byron Terrett from the Vale of Glamorgan.

The competition ran over two days and showcased the craftsmanship and skills of the six finalists who were required to carry out two very challenging practical tests - the platform test was a stretch fit carpet which had a pillar in the middle and the carpet had to be seamed either side of it, and an obstacle in the corner with a low overhang and acute angles to make cutting and tucking of the carpet very challenging. The second test was a double-sided bullnose step to be handstitched.

Below you can see some action shot's from the 2017 competition!